IMAGES BY Brian Nguyen

Spotlight on Dinner and Discourse
A Recap of an Enriching Evening at The Candy Factory

On January 11th, The Candy Factory’s Dinner and Discourse series illuminated the essence of embracing new beginnings, leaving attendees inspired and invigorated. The event, marked by insightful conversations and a delectable dinner, was a profound success, resonating with everyone who joined us.

A Gathering of Minds and Stories
Special thanks to our panelists, Suzette Mullen and Curtis Wilson, for sharing their captivating stories. Suzette, an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, offered a preview into her upcoming memoir, “THE ONLY WAY THROUGH IS OUT,” captivating the audience with her journey of self-discovery and transformation. Curtis, a Marriage and Family Therapist, shared his holistic approach to personal narratives, providing valuable insights into embracing life’s new chapters.

Culinary Delights by Grocery Lanc
The evening was further enriched by the culinary expertise of Jeff Grey and Katie Brown from Grocery Lanc. Their unique pop-up dinner brought together innovative dishes and exceptional tastes, creating a dining experience that was as memorable as it was delicious.

Captured Moments
We extend our gratitude to Brian Nguyen. for beautifully capturing the essence of the evening through his photography. His photos not only reflect the lively atmosphere of the event but also the deep connections formed over dinner and discussion.

Join Us for the Next Chapter
We’re excited to continue this journey of engaging discussions and exquisite dining. Mark your calendars for our next Dinner and Discourse on February 15th, where we’ll explore the theme of ‘Love Language’ with Melody and Megan. Expect another evening of stimulating conversation, community connection, and of course, fantastic food.

Remember, the event itself is just $5 (complimentary for members), and the dinner, sourced from local caterers, will be an additional charge. All sales are final, but the experience is priceless.

Dinner + Discourse: More Than Just a Meal
At The Candy Factory’s Dinner and Discourse series, we go beyond the usual dinner experience. It’s an opportunity to feed your mind and soul with enriching conversations and to step out of your comfort zone into a world of intellectual adventure. Join us and be part of this unique community event that’s about much more than dining.

Reserve Your Spot for Feb 15th – reserve your spot here.

We can’t wait to see you at our next gathering, where the conversation is as nourishing as the cuisine!